Q: Which learning module should I complete?

A: The learning modules are labelled according to health profession categories. HHA recommend the following:

Q: How do I enrol in a learning module?

A: To enrol in a module that you have previously completed: choose the 'Re-enrol in ...' option in the Shortcuts menu located on the bottom right of your screen once you have logged in.

To enrol in a module that you have not previously completed: choose the 'Find a New Module' option in the Shortcuts menu located on the bottom right of your screen once you have logged in.

Q: I have enrolled in the wrong learning module. How do I change this?

A: Click on the incorrect module on your task list, then press the ‘cancel enrolment’ button. This will remove the module from your task list. Then you need to follow the steps to ‘enrol in a learning module’ as above.

Q: I have pressed the ‘Start module’ button, but the module is not opening. What do I do?

A: Pressing the ‘Start module’ button triggers a new window to open containing the learning module content. If your internet browser is set to ‘block pop-ups’, then this could be the reason why you are unable to open the module. Check and reset your internet browser security options to allow pop-ups from the HHA learning site, and the module should open.

Q: I have pressed the ‘Start module’ button, but the Infection Control module is opening as a blank screen. What do I do?

A: The Infection control module requires ‘Flash player’ in order to open. Please check that you have Flash player installed on your computer AND that your internet browser security settings allow Flash to work in that browser.

Please try reinstalling Flash, downloading ‘bug fixes’, or talking with your local IT team regarding the use of Flash.

PLEASE NOTE: Flash generally does not work on iPads, iPhones or Apple computers


Q: How can I get a copy of my certificate?

A: Please log in to the system as a Learner. In the Shortcuts menu located on the lower right of your screen, please choose the 'My certificate' link. A certificate can be downloaded as a PDF anytime.

If no certificate is available, please select 'Home' from the menu on the right of the screen and check if there is a module on your Task List. If yes, then you have not completed the learning module yet. Once completed, your certificate will be emailed to you to the email in your profile, it will also be available in your Achievements folder.

Q: When does my certificate expire?

A: HHA recommend annual completion of general learning modules, and have annual reminders built into the learning system to ensure you stay current. However, please note that your local requirements for your organisation may differ. Please refer to your directives for your organisation from your jurisdiction or governing body.

Auditor certificates are only valid for one year.

Q: How many CPD points do I get for completing a module?

A: The HHA learning modules do not have an allocated number of CPD points. Self-directed learning earns 1 CPD point per hour of study, therefore each learner should keep a record of the length of time taken to complete the module for their own records.


Q: How do I update my details in my profile?

A: Your first need to be able to login to the learning system, then:

Q: How do I change the organisation I am attached to for reporting of my module completions?

A: You first need to be able to login to the learning system, then:

PLEASE NOTE: If you have a certificate of completion from the HHA system, yet this is not being recorded on your local organisation’s training register, please contact your local organisation.

For example, HHA do not directly update your “My Learning” profile.

HHA provide the means for organisations to run completion reports from our system, however not every organisation uses this.

Q: I would like to arrange for reporting access for my organisation. What do I do?

A: The HHA learning modules are freely accessible to all users, without the need to be registered. By being registered and your organisation name appearing in the drop down box to choose from on registration, you are gaining the ability to run reports in the system of staff/student completions of the modules. If you wish to be able to run completion reports, please provide the below via email to and we can set up your organisation:

Name of organisation:
Name and email of person requiring reporting access: (can have more than 1)
Please ensure that the person requiring reporting access has already registered in the system as a learner.

Please note that each staff member is still going to need to go through the individual registration process to create their own profile the very first time they attempt to use the system.


For all other enquiries please send an email to our support desk:

Please include the following information in your message:

Without this information we may not be able to help you.